Sunday, March 3, 2013

A must read for all fitness proffessionals(39 things that pisses us off)

All in good fun :

1. $5 Bootcamps

2. People who say “I can’t”, without even trying

3. Big Box gyms putting on 2-day seminars and calling it a “cert”

4. When another trainer in town rips off your marketing, like WORD FOR WORD… that SOB

5. Clients breaking contracts, not for moving away or medical reasons or anything legitimate like that, but because they are lazy

6. Clients who eat like sh*t and then blame you for their lack of results

7. Clients who don’t try

8. Clients who bitch, whine and moan… bringing down the energy of the whole group

9. Clients who continually cancel or reschedule at the last minute.

10. The client who comes in 25 minutes late for most workouts

11. Clients who pay you for your expertise but think they are going to do it their way which is the reason they are there with you in the first place. Their way didn’t work

12. Daily-deal hoppers

13. People who expect overnight success and look for shortcuts.

14. An emphasis on what “looks cool” vs. what may actually help clients in the long term.

15. The perpetuation of horrible training and nutrition info that continually contributes to major misunderstandings by the average person (I.e low fat is good, women shouldn’t lift heavy)

16. Business partners who screw you over

17. Unfounded fitness fads that create injuries

18. Hearing that some new product is the thing that is gonna change your business forever, and then next week it’s some other product, and then the next week another one … you may have even been mad at ME for this …

Hey I’m a marketer, remember, I’m always gonna have shit to sell you, but remember, none of it will work unless YOU work it.

Plenty of trainers never buy a single business or marketing product and succeed BIG TIME, they just focus on results and taking care of their clients and their biz grows like crazy. Just like there are trainers who buy almost everything that comes out and never do anything with it… and will barely scrape by from now to eternity….

Bottom line is it’s all up to the trainer, the tools are there for those who like the extra direction…. and seriously, there’s enough free information on this blog and others like it to help you knock it outta the park without ever spending even one slim dime.

19. Trainers who give the industry a bad name by doing things like sleeping with clients, especially married ones

20. Trainers with little or no experience, who think an IT Band is one of those things you train shoulders with and walk around big box gyms with a shirt that say “Expert Personal Trainer”, and then stand there looking around the entire time their clients are doing a set… right in front of about 200 gym members… but the fact is, standing around is about the most useful thing one of these “trainers” can do

21. Gyms that will hire ANYONE. give em’ $15 an hour and call them a “personal trainer”

22. Trainers who teach horrible form

23. Trainers don’t watch their clients form at all

24. Trainers who don’t give the same level of effort they ask of their clients

25. Trainers who DESTROY their clients joints by making them train too hard or just plain over-training them… or by making extremely obese clients do lunges or high-impact activities

26. Bootcamp trainers who yell at the top of their lungs like a drill sergeant

27. “Know it all” clients, trainers or gym owners

28. Researchers that write about training but don’t train people

29 Trainers that tout having an education and degree but train their clients like shit and put their degree before practical experience.

30. Show-off trainers

31. Shark trainers trying to steal your clients whenever you’re not looking

32. Trainers who train 20 people at a time and call it “group personal training” … that is a bootcamp you moron, not personal training

33. Trainers who eat like shit but expect their clients to eat healthy

34. Trainers who don’t talk to others directly, instead they go running to the gym manager/owner to whine, complain or tattle… this especially sucks if you are said gym owner

35. Trainers who yap on the phone and text like a teenage girl while their clients workout

36. Trainers selling roids to their entourage of teen clients who wanna get buff just like them

37 Trainers who show up late all the time

38 Trainers who spend more time checking themselves out in the mirror than actually training their clients

39. Negative stuff like this blog post

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